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Tin Sparrow

Trust ME Your Gonna Love Us!

Tin sparrow is hands down the best that washington state has to offer for wedding planning. GariAnn is a daughter, wife, mother and a wedding planner and sometimes a counselor. Her soul captured my heart within seconds of meeting her!!

I came home to my fiancé and said my heart tells me she’s the one. She listened to all my crazy thoughts, and she never judge me. We went through this big whirlwind that had many ups and downs as the world was hit was Covid-19, but she never left my side. She assured me that no matter what I wanted to do during this time if it meant postponing the wedding or eloping and have a reception later that she was willing to change all things to make it happen. She told me covid can’t stop love,and guess what it didn’t I’m on cloud 9 with my husband. I spent a whole year and a few months with GariAnn and within that time I have gained a beautiful friendship. Her passion and eye for design is on point, like “kick ass”. This lady truly made our day magical she turned my color palette and all my ideas into a stunning wedding day!

GariAnn I will miss you so much, I can’t thank you enough for all your words of wisdom and your countless planning. Ladies you need to book with Tin Sparrows she and her team will not disappoint you.