It is not often you find someone in a job where they are doing what they truly love, but we found that with GariAnn and the Tin Sparrow Events team. Our wedding day was a reflection of this passion, and we were incredibly thankful to have found such talented and dedicated individuals to work with. Some would say planning a wedding three time zones away from the venue would be daunting, but GariAnn wiped that anxiety away with her guidance and unwavering positivity. At the slightest hint of stress, GariAnn instructed us to call her—and she meant it. In the months leading up to the wedding she helped us solidify a vision and pull together the details and many moving parts. On the actual day, there wasn’t a harder working person out there ensuring everything was executed just like we planned. We had the best time because GariAnn handled everything so seamlessly. If you are looking for a wedding planner who just does the bare minimum, GariAnn is not for you. If you are looking for someone who will exceed your expectations and is super fun to work with, look no further.

Heather + Luke

Bringing on GariAnn as our wedding planner for our winery wedding was hands-down the best decision we made throughout the entire wedding planning process. Trying to plan a Tri Cites wedding while over in Seattle, both working full time jobs, just wasn't happening. We had no idea where to even start, until we decided to hire GariAnn - Tin Sparrow Events. She opened our eyes to so many factors that we hadn't even thought of - killer wedding guest party favors, hiring a kick-ass band, pairing down our menu appropriately, a cigar bar, and so much more. . She is so organized, so professional and such a pleasure to be around. Not only was the planning process with her easy as cake, but the actual wedding day went off without a hitch - all thanks to her. I heard all night (and still getting feedback!) from my wedding guests that GariAnn was "the shit", "amazing", "you couldn't have done this without her", hahaha! She's not only our wedding planner, but we developed an awesome friendship out of this entire process. 

Caitlyn + Alex


I cannot express enough how grateful I am that we brought GariAnn on board as our wedding planner. She is a gem and was probably one of the best decisions we made throughout the entire wedding planning process. GariAnn provided guidance on what decisions needed to be made and when, provided suggestions on vendors as well as provided a sounding board for ideas, our vows and pretty much anything else we needed. She was professional, organized and always was there to keep us on target with our budget while ensuring that our wedding was everything we envisioned. The day of the wedding, GariAnn and the Tin Sparrow Team were amazing. She had everything set up beautifully and was on point when it came to keeping everybody on schedule. Her and her team made sure everything went without a hitch. My husband and I enjoyed our meetings with GariAnn immensely as she made us feel at completely at ease with the planning process. Our wedding was truly the wedding of our dreams due to her and her team. 

Angela + Brian


I contacted Tin Sparrow looking for a day-of wedding coordinator. I really wanted to plan my own wedding, but knew I needed someone to help me execute everything on wedding day. GariAnn and her team did that and so much more! The entire planning process was made fun and easy for me, because I had an amazing professional to answer my questions and guide me in my decisions, which eliminated all of my stress! My wedding was a dream come true - it was beautifully executed and every issue was quickly resolved by the Tin Sparrow team. I truly got to enjoy every moment of my wedding day, and would recommend Tin Sparrow a million times over!

Breanna + Riley


I cannot say enough about the Tin Sparrow Events team. GariAnn worked with us living in Boise, ID and having our wedding in a small town in Eastern Washington and her being located in the Tri Cities like there was no distance between us at all. She was there to help us at any time we needed her and helped us create our dream wedding exactly how we wanted it! She helped us find vendors to get the look we wanted and tied all of the loose ends that we couldn't have finished without her! The Tin Sparrow team will help you be organized and have a timeline that is reasonable and that you can actually stick to on your wedding day to make sure everything goes perfectly. Thank you for making our wedding day everything we dreamed of and more!!! 

Amber + Dominic


GariAnn and her team were awesome and absolutely fantastic. We hired her to do our day of coordinating, but she helped with so much more! They came in and were able to work with my family to set up our entire reception space, managed all of the food (we had a combination of catered and potluck), coordinated the ceremony, made sure everything was taken care of and kept me informed (but not too informed!) of what was occurring through the evening. My husband and I didn't have to worry about anything for our entire wedding day and couldn't have asked for a better wedding coordinator. I would absolutely recommend GariAnn and her team to anyone looking for a top notch wedding planner in the Tri-Cities/Yakima area! 

Rachel + Trevor


Like many brides, I began planning my wedding on my own, unknowing of the hidden aspects that would come along with it. I also happened to be planning 4 hours away from where our Olympic Peninsula venue was located; we totally dig the outdoors, greenery, & freshness of the west side. Finding GariAnn, and hiring the Tin Sparrow team, was the best decision we made for our big day. Thank goodness I had GariAnn keeping me on task and sane; it very well could have all fallen apart! Final vendor meetings & payments can be hard to keep up with when your brain is all over the place, your packing, etc. Oh, and the wedding day timeline?!? That would have been out the DOOR, if I hadn't hired her. Finding the perfect vendors was not a problem; GariAnn has a large network of bad-asses. They completely hooked us up with some of the Tri-Cities' most talented, while keeping both our budget & best interests in mind + who got just as excited about our event as we did! Watching their creativity flow was magical. 

Adrienne + Bryson


I would choose Tin Sparrow Events a million times over. GariAnn and Brittany are the perfect team. Leading up to the wedding they were so incredibly helpful re-creating my vision; and then when I changed my vision multiple times they were right there ready to add something new. I can't even put into words how RELAXED I felt during this whole process knowing that I was in great hands. The day of the wedding was perfect, I was not disturbed once before the ceremony (insane, I know) They took care of everything, making sure that everything was perfect, in it's place and made what could have been a stressful crazy day, relaxing, fun and beautiful. Thank you to GariAnn, Brittany and the Tin Sparrow Events Team. I will forever be referring brides your way!

Taylor + Steven


GariAnn was the best thing to happen to my husband and I. We live in Florida and found her through online referrals after we had chosen our venue. Our first FaceTime "Meet and Greet" lasted over an hour!! We just clicked right away and we felt confident our dream wedding would happen exactly the way we wanted by hiring her. She set up ALL vendor appointments and was our liaison since we only could come into town twice before the wedding weekend. She had all of our appointments set up for when we got into town and all we had to do was show up and taste cake, wine, and food, meet our highly sought after DJ, pick our flowers, etc. She had connections to THE BEST vendors in the area and I felt so confident using them because she was able to give me several references for them. On the wedding day, we didn't have to worry about a thing! GariAnn has become part of our family and made our dream wedding come true within our budget. We remain in contact constantly!  

Erica + Steve


GariAnn was not only professional & organized, but she gave my husband and I more than we paid for. From my random panic texts to requests for meetings just to give me peace of mind, she was there to completely make me feel at ease. I am usually a pretty big stress'er + control freak and really felt no need to be; I knew we would be taken care of. The night before the wedding, there were boxes filled with all the decor we brought, the bar was not set & nothing was even close to being done. The next morning GariAnn showed up with our cake, our flowers & PERFECTED my reception area! It was phenomenal & more than I expected. I booked her 1 year before my wedding and she consistently showed me why that was the right choice. I have nothing but amazing things to say about her. Booking her will be the best thing you do in your planning process. 

Krystal + Dakota


I would recommend GariAnn and her team over and over again!!! They are all so amazing! I worked mainly with GariAnn planning what I wanted, everything we discussed was executed and prepared exactly as I imagined. I pictured our perfect day over and over again, and that is exactly what I got. GariAnn has so many wonderful decorations that not only helped save me money on buying them, but it was exactly what I envisioned in my mind! On our day, I was able to relax, knowing that GariAnn and her team were preparing everything perfectly. It was the best day of my life. I am so happy I chose to work with GariAnn and her team.
With so much love and gratitude!

Kendall + Mark


GariAnn was my saving grace! I truly could not have planned my wedding without her. AS a Bridal Consultant for a small Bridal Boutique here in the Tri Cities, I help brides everyday, but when it came time to plan my own wedding I didn’t have the first clue where to start. GariAnn was great about keeping me on task, and most importantly, on budget. She made the process so much easier than I could have imagined. I was especially grateful for her Day of Services. She was great about keeping everyone on task and my wedding went off without a hitch. Our wedding day was absolutely amazing and I was so pleased with how it turned out. I literally couldn’t have done it without you GariAnn and I am eternally grateful for you!

Ladies she is worth every penny!

Elaina + David


My husband & I got married in September and with the help of GariAnn and Tin Sparrow Events it was absolutely PERFECT. I had a year to plan, however, knew with my teaching schedule, finishing my Masters, and coaching that I would be a nervous wreck if I had to plan the whole thing by myself. GariAnn and her team took my vision and completely exceeded all expectations. Not only did GariAnn help keep me calm throughout the process by ensuring me that everything would be taken care of and that "she's got me," she kept me calm during my wedding day. The wind was blowing rather hard and it was upsetting me, she pulled me aside to give me a pep talk and ensure me yet again that she's got it under control to ease my nerves. While my dad and I were walking to the aisle my cathedral veil blew off, my dad caught it mid air and GariAnn was right there to put it back in (while we were still walking) so that everything continued perfectly. There are numerous examples of her miracle work, however, those are just a few that really made having a wedding planner MORE THAN WORTH IT. Honestly, writing this review does not give her justice on everything she did for my husband and I from the beginning to our wedding day. I remember texting her freaking out monthly and she always made me feel better, because OF COURSE she had already handled that. Without GariAnn and her team, I don't know how our wedding could have went as smooth as it did, especially with our very large guest count. I would recommend GariAnn and the Tin Sparrow Events team to anyone 10 times out of 10. GariAnn is not only your wedding planner, but a friend for life.

Lindsey + Ryan

Sweet WOrds From Sweet Clients! 

"It is not often you find someone in a job where they are doing what they truly love, but we found that with GariAnn and the Tin Sparrow Events team."

Heather + Luke 

"I heard all night (and still getting feedback!) from my wedding guests that GariAnn was "the shit", "amazing", "you couldn't have done this without her!"

CAitlin + Alex 

"I truly got to enjoy every moment of my wedding day, and would recommend Tin Sparrow a million times over!"

Breanna + Riley

"My husband and I didn't have to worry about anything for our entire wedding day and couldn't have asked for a better wedding coordinator."

Rachel + Trevor





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Almost everyone today have a very busy career and personal life. There are many details involved in planning a wedding or event and very quickly things can become overwhelming and frustrating. You can save time and frustration by hiring a professional to guide you from day one or just the “Month of”. We know who to call and what to say to ensure you book the right vendors at the best prices while making certain that no creative detail is overlooked. The peace of mind alone makes covering the cost of hiring a Tin Sparrow Event Planner & Coordinator worth it.

Your family, friends + honored guests all deserve to play a special part in your event. In order for them to be able to fully enjoy this special day with you, they shouldn't need to worry about decorating the table, having the cake arrive on time, or setting out place cards. By hiring a Event Planner & Coordinator, you and your guests can truly relax and enjoy the day.


A Planner Can Save Your Relationships...
Don't let the stress of planning your wedding overtake your relationship with your fiancé or damage the one with your mother or bridesmaids. Wedding planning can cause so many arguments as differing visions for one event collide. At Tin Sparrow we can help by not only taking some of the stress off of your shoulders, but we are also a neutral party in verbalizing your vision.

A Planner Saves You Money...
It's true! At Tin Sparrow we can work up a budget along with you, your fiancé and other investors, and more importantly we are here to keep you on point with your budget. It is a huge benefit knowing that we are less likely to make decisions on money expenditures based on emotion, and we are here to help negotiate contracts with vendors so you get only the services you need without paying for all the extras you don't.


A Planner is Flexible to Your Needs...
We are here for you in any and every way from one extreme to another! At Tin Sparrow we have structured our business to fit into every facet of an event from just giving advice and guidance to a nervous bride all the way to building every aspect of an event from the ground up.

We offer complete packages with services and start off pricing, but the best part is that each and every package can be adjusted to fit any and every budget level. We also offer an Ala Carte menu where you can hand select services so that we can fill in + assist where you are needing help/guidance while planning your event.  


Well of course we can... Ultimately it is always best to have an additional set of eyes to review something that you have been working so closely with because they are stepping in fresh and new. As Professional Planners it is our job to find those little details that you might have missed, gaps or holes in areas of the event you have over looked or to come up with options that you might not have even thought of - like back-up plans if something happens to go wrong.

There is nothing more that we love than weddings and events so believe me meeting with you and discussing your event is just what the TS Team would love to do.

We also highly recommend you scroll back up and take a look at some of the services that we offer including the very helpful Serendipity | Month of Direction Package (which just happens to included this detail review that you are looking for)!


At Tin Sparrow Events we are ready to jump in and assist you in any and every way that you need. Simple contact us and we will get a consultation appointment scheduled as soon as possible to insure that we get your event date locked in. During this initial consultation we will evaluate the amount of assistance your event will require and we will prepare a quote for you onsite so that we can begin working on relieving the last bits of stress or worry you are having regarding your event.


At Tin Sparrow we work to stay up to date on the latest trends and we strive to stay and plan ahead for the next big up and coming options. We also work with the top vendors in our field who excel creatively and we are just as focused on setting new trends. We are also linked with inspirational websites like Pinterest and Instagram so please feel free to connect with us by following the icons we have provided below.

Beyond these few options we also would love to setup a consultation with you to discuss your event, show you our large inventory of beautiful things + send you in the right design direction.

We also provide services that are tailored towards Event Design & Decor which is available in all of our package or simply on its own!


Of course... We would love to provide you with a list of our Event Partners for you to look thru and connect with. If you are looking for a little more guidance when selecting your vendors (ie. budget, a good personality fit etc.) we are here to help you with this as well!!

We also work with the top vendors in our field and they work just as hard as we do so we would be more than happy to make confident referrals for your event. Each vendor that we recommend we hold in the highest regard and we can guarantee that your event will be one that is amazing + will be the most memorable experience ever!

We are proud to call our vendors more than just business connections we are proud to call them our friends!


NOPE!! We believe in what we refer to as "Clean Referrals" here at Tin Sparrow Events. Ethically + morally we do not think that it is right nor appropriate as a company to accept an extra cut + it does not do justice to our industry or to our kick-ass clients. We collectively as a company will never accept or take money off of referrals and additionally we will not associate with or refer any vendors that do. We just know that by sending you to the best and most reputable you are guaranteed to have a flawless event!

Every vendor that we recommend is a full licensed professional + personal member of our Vendor Family that we have worked with (more than once) and whom we adore, believe in and are willing to stake our reputation on! Be a smart cookie and rock some pre vendor meeting research... your big day is important, the quality of it is key and lets be true you work hard for your money!


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Pacific Northwest Based Wedding Planning and Coordination for the bold, brave, and offbeat bride who craves adventure, isn't afraid to get her dress dirty, and values the moments, the memories, and all the little details in-between. 




In The Pacific Northwest 

Pacific Northwest Based Wedding Planning and Coordination for the bold, brave, and offbeat bride who craves adventure, isn't afraid to get her dress dirty,  and values the moments, the memories, and all the little details in-between.