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Bringing on GariAnn as our wedding planner for our winery wedding was hands-down the best decision we made throughout the entire wedding planning process. Trying to plan a Tri Cites wedding while over in Seattle, both working full time jobs, just wasn't happening. We had no idea where to even start, until we decided to hire GariAnn - Tin Sparrow Events. She opened our eyes to so many factors that we hadn't even thought of - killer wedding guest party favors, hiring a kick-ass band, pairing down our menu appropriately, a cigar bar, and so much more. Even just the little things that we wouldn't have even thought of, she already had covered in our monthly FaceTime chats. She is so organized, so professional and such a pleasure to be around. Not only was the planning process with her easy as cake, but the actual wedding day went off without a hitch - all thanks to her. I heard all night (and still getting feedback!) from my wedding guests that GariAnn was "the shit", "amazing", "you couldn't have done this without her", hahaha! My bridal party was so impressed with her and that she kept our rowdy bunch on schedule the entire time, without being too stern. Our wedding day was the best day of our lives, and we are so glad that GariAnn got to be (a huge) part of it. We're a bit sad that the party has come and gone, but only because we enjoyed our time with GariAnn so much. We definitely plan to stay in touch with her and visit every time we're in town. She's not only our wedding planner, but we developed an awesome friendship out of this entire process. My one advice to any Apple bride - HIRE GARIANN. She is pure magic.

Caitlyn + Alex

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I cannot say enough about the Tin Sparrow Events team. GariAnn worked with us living in Boise, ID and having our wedding in a small town in Eastern Washington and her being located in the Tri Cities like there was no distance between us at all. She was there to help us at any time we needed her and helped us create our dream wedding exactly how we wanted it! She helped us find vendors to get the look we wanted and tied all of the loose ends that we couldn't have finished without her! The Tin Sparrow team will help you be organized and have a timeline that is reasonable and that you can actually stick to on your wedding day to make sure everything goes perfectly. Thank you for making our wedding day everything we dreamed of and more!!!

Amber + Dominic

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Like many brides, I began planning my wedding on my own, unknowing of the hidden aspects that would come along with it. I also happened to be planning 4 hours away from where our Olympic Peninsula venue was located; we totally dig the outdoors, greenery, & freshness of the west side. Finding GariAnn, and hiring the Tin Sparrow team, was the best decision we made for our big day. Seriously. from the planning process, all the way through wedding day, she was there. I didn't know anything about planning and they helped me execute an event that both our families will remember for years to come. I like to think I'm a pretty organized person but nothing could have prepared me for the craziness that comes right before a wedding. Thank goodness I had GariAnn keeping me on task and sane; it very well could have all fallen apart! Final vendor meetings & payments can be hard to keep up with when your brain is all over the place, your going on last minute shopping trips, packing, etc. "Nobody will know if you don't get that done, Adrienne." Man, I needed to hear it that one day.... Oh, and the wedding day timeline?!? That would have been out the DOOR, if I hadn't hired her. The wedding went as planned, everyone had a wonderful time, and it turned out to be as beautiful as I imagined. Finding the perfect vendors was not a problem; GariAnn has a large network of bad-asses. They completely hooked us up with some of the Tri-Cities' most talented, while keeping both our budget & best interests in mind + who got just as excited about our event as we did! Watching their creativity flow was magical. 

Adrienne + Bryson

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To say that GariAnn is amazing is a major understatement! She made sure we had the wedding of our dreams! Everything was so wonderful she takes care of EVERYTHING!!! All those little things that you don't think of yea well she does!! She is there for you she is your person! She made our wedding so much fun not a single family member had any stress because of her and her amazing team!! She offers so much you would be crazy to not have her help with your next event! We have received so many complements on our wedding and it was all her!!! Words will never be enough to thank her for her amazing work and making our wedding so perfect!!!

Karisa + Derek

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GariAnn was the best thing to happen to my husband and I. We live in Florida and found her through online referrals after we had chosen our venue. Our first FaceTime "Meet and Greet" lasted over an hour!! We just clicked right away and we felt confident our dream wedding would happen exactly the way we wanted by hiring her. We ended up changing our venue last minute and was only able to do so thanks to GariAnn. She set up ALL vendor appointments and was our liaison since we only could come into town twice before the wedding weekend. She had all of our appointments set up for when we got into town and all we had to do was show up and taste cake, wine, and food, meet our highly sought after DJ, pick our flowers, etc. She had connections to THE BEST vendors in the area and I felt so confident using them because she was able to give me several references for them. Don't get me wrong, we had the option to choose whomever we wanted as vendors, but we went with what she chose for us because after knowing us and our vision, she hand picked vendors to match. She was SPOT ON. She designed and executed our entire rehearsal dinner on her birthday. She didn't have to be there for us, but chose to spend the day making sure WE felt special - and she went above and beyond with our Mediterranean theme. She also kept it all a surprise so I would have an element of the wedding I didn't have to plan but I trusted her to do an amazing job - which she did! During the wedding weekend, she picked me up when I began to feel overwhelmed by all the family at the house and we went to the venue to work out some last minute changes. On the wedding day, she came to the house while we were getting ready and gave me a rundown of everything she was taking care of, checking on me, and making sure my girls were ready. We didn't have to worry about a thing! GariAnn has become part of our family and made our dream wedding come true within our budget. We remain in contact constantly!  

Erica + Steve

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I can not recommend GariAnn and the Tin Sparrow team enough! They helped plan and coordinate my dream wedding. GariAnn was able to relieve all of the stress of planning a wedding and really listens to her clients. With her help I was able to have a dream team of vendors without breaking my budget! The day of coordination is an absolute must for any bride!! I was able to relax the day of my wedding and really enjoy the whole process without being stressed about who needed to be where at what times! She went above and beyond for me and my husband to be sure that our wedding day was exactly what we wanted, I can’t thank her and the Tin Sparrow team enough!!

Erin + Jarron

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GariAnn and her team were awesome and absolutely fantastic. We hired her to do our day of coordinating, but she helped with so much more! They came in and were able to work with my family to set up our entire reception space, managed all of the food (we had a combination of catered and potluck), coordinated the ceremony, made sure everything was taken care of and kept me informed (but not too informed!) of what was occurring through the evening. My husband and I didn't have to worry about anything for our entire wedding day and couldn't have asked for a better wedding coordinator. I would absolutely recommend GariAnn and her team to anyone looking for a top notch wedding planner in the Tri-Cities/Yakima area! 

Rachel + Trevor

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GariAnn was not only professional & organized, but she gave my husband and I more than we paid for. From my random panic texts to requests for meetings just to give me peace of mind, she was there to completely make me feel at ease. I am usually a pretty big stress'er + control freak and really felt no need to be because I knew we would be taken care of. The night before the wedding, after the rehearsal, there were boxes filled with all the decor we brought, the bar was not set & nothing was even close to being done. The next morning GariAnn showed up with our cake, our flowers & PERFECTED my reception area! It was phenomenal & more than I expected. I booked her 1 year before my wedding and she consistently showed me why that was the right choice. I have nothing but amazing things to say about her. Booking her will be the best thing you do in your planning process. 

Krystal + Dakota

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I cannot express enough how grateful I am that we brought GariAnn on board as our wedding planner. She is a gem and was probably one of the best decisions we made throughout the entire wedding planning process. GariAnn provided guidance on what decisions needed to be made and when, provided suggestions on vendors as well as provided a sounding board for ideas, our vows and pretty much anything else we needed. She was professional, organized and always was there to keep us on target with our budget while ensuring that our wedding was everything we envisioned.
The day of the wedding, GariAnn and the Tin Sparrow Team were amazing. She had everything set up beautifully and was on point when it came to keeping everybody on schedule and where they needed to be when they needed to be there. Her and her team made sure everything went without a hitch and if there were any issues, she took care of them.
My husband and I enjoyed our meetings with GariAnn immensely as she made us feel at completely at ease with the planning process. Our wedding was truly the wedding of our dreams due to her and her team.

Angela + Brian

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GariAnn was amazing and had helped us tremendously with the wedding planning process, rehearsal dinner, and the day of the wedding. She helped us coordinate and incorporate Thai wedding traditions to our American wedding beautifully. She listened and helped us bring our ideas and vision to life. Our wedding day was organized, fun, and stress-free and we owe that to her and her amazing team. Thank you for all you do GariAnn. Highly recommend Tin Sparrow Events!

Kanpapha + Sean

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GariAnn was a life saver for our wedding planning! She helped in every aspect and with all the details. Mitch and I along with our families are extremely grateful that GariAnn and her team were there for us on our big day. We have received so many compliments on how beautiful and how much fun guests had at our wedding. Mitch and I were able to completely enjoy our day and be in the moment for all of it. I most definitely will be recommending Tin Sparrow Events! Thank you all again for making our day so special! 

Rachel + Mitch

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GariAnn provided us with the highest level of service you can get. Professional, timely, creative & organized are just a few of her amazing qualities. She pulled off an AWESOME wedding for us, and we will forever have it as one of the best days of our lives. Thank you beautiful lady!

Kelly + Tom

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GariAnn was my saving grace! I truly could not have planned my wedding without her. AS a Bridal Consultant for a small Bridal Boutique here in the Tri Cities, I help brides everyday, but when it came time to plan my own wedding I didn’t have the first clue where to start. GariAnn was great about keeping me on task, and most importantly, on budget. She made the process so much easier than I could have imagined. I was especially grateful for her Day of Services. She was great about keeping everyone on task and my wedding went off without a hitch. Our wedding day was absolutely amazing and I was so pleased with how it turned out. I literally couldn’t have done it without you GariAnn and I am eternally grateful for you!

Ladies she is worth every penny!

Elaina + David

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Hello... I am GariAnn Hedquist the Owner + Lead Planner & Coordinator of Tin Sparrow Events. This is me in my natural habitat surrounded by just a few of my favorite things doing what I love. Design + decor is what's gives me joy & making a dream wedding a reality for my clients is what fuels me. Bring me all the minimalistic, organic, free spirited, outdoorsy vibes that you have been dreaming up. Lets discover the perfect spot on a mountainside and create a venue where one has never existed.  

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"It is not often you find someone in a job where they are doing what they truly love, but we found that with GariAnn and the Tin Sparrow Events team."

Heather + Luke 

"I heard all night (and still getting feedback!) from my wedding guests that GariAnn was "the shit", "amazing", "you couldn't have done this without her!"

CAitlin + Alex 

"I truly got to enjoy every moment of my wedding day, and would recommend Tin Sparrow a million times over!"

Breanna + Riley

"My husband and I didn't have to worry about anything for our entire wedding day and couldn't have asked for a better wedding coordinator."

Rachel + Trevor